Sword Level

Ninja WarriorYou are a Ninja Master.  This level is for you.  Start your sword collection here and add to it each month.






With this level you will receive our best, hand selected SWORD each month.   These swords are high quality blades worthy of any ninja.  .  Some examples of swords may include, fantasy swords, tactical swords, historical blades, military swords, katanas, ninja-to, rapiers, battle swords, and a few suprizes I know you will love. We use swords, collect swords, and choose the swords we know our customers will flip for.  Throughout the year we also like to send out a few bonus items from time to time.   This is the end of your training and you are now equipped and ready to be ninja.  Join the SWORD Level and become ninja.

Examples of Swords:

Sword 1Sword2SwordSword4Sword 5Sword 6


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$50 each month