Level Overview

We offer THREE Unique membership levels.  With each level you will receive a knife / knives / sword shipped straight to you once per month.  Many great blades are just waiting to meet you.


Basic Level:  This is the perfect level to start your knife collection.  Once a month you will receive a hand selected, quality folding knife delivered to you by a trained ninja (Disclaimer: You might not ever see the ninja, they might just even look like a standard postal worker).  Click here to start your journey.


Upgraded Level: This level is for someone wanting a little bit more.  With this level, you will receive the awesome folding knife from the Basic Level and you will get a great, hand selected, top notch FIXED BLADE knife as well.  Two knives will be at your door each month.  (NOTICE: No Ninjas where harmed in the making of this website....yet).  Click here to join the Black Belts.


Sword Level:  So you think you are samurai...or ninja?  You need a sword, or two.  With this level you will get a hand selected sword each month.  Yeah, a real sword.  A great, awesome, cool, shiny, colorful, pointy, sword each month, what could be better?  This level is for the serious collector.  (Remember the historical fencing lessons from the Zorro Movie: Pointy end goes in the other man). Click here to become a Sword Master now.