Basic Level

  Welcome grasshopper.  When you  can snatch the pebble from my hand, then you will be ready to start your training.





With this level you will receive one hand selected folding knife each month.  These knives are high quality blades worthy of a ninja that is starting a knife collection.  Some examples of knives may include, themed knives, tactical folders, hunting blades. military, EDC, working knives, pocket knives, and just plain cool stuff.  We search the land high and low and gather the best blades to ship to you.  Some of these are brand names, and others are up and coming brands.  Throughout the year we also like to send out bonus items from time to time.   Start here and earn your first Ninja Belt.

Example Folding Knives: 

Folder 4Folder 5Folder 6


Click on the BUY NOW button to start your BASIC Level montly subscription.  Remember, you can cancel at any time.

 $20 each month